2 May 2014

REBELLION Racing achieved a very positive race weekend during the 6 Hours of Spa.
The R-One started its racing career with a seventh place in round 2 of the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship and a class win in LM P1-L.

The Rebellion R-One #12 driven by Nick Heidfeld, Nicolas Prost and Mathias Beche had a trouble free run through the six hour race and they covered 1127,63 km (161 laps).
The team gained valuable experience with the car in race conditions and a huge amount of data that will help the development of the R-One.

The sister car #13 faced several electronic issues that have forced the team to stop many times in the garage and cut short the race of Andrea Belicchi, Dominik Kraihamer and Fabio Leimer. They completed only 47 laps.

Today, the two Rebellion R-Ones covered a total of 1 457 km in race conditions

The team will be back to the south of France from next Wednesday and a minimum of three days testing is scheduled the week after at the Paul Ricard HTTT.

Nick Heidfeld – Rebellion R-One Toyota #12 :
« A big thank you to the team. We are a small privateer and the job to set a new LMP1 car is quite difficult. All the work has been very hard for the last couple of weeks. Obviously, the pace is not really what we are expecting at the moment. We already have made some improvement on the car during the last two days. We have still a lot of things to do before Le Mans. Our top speed is not too bad and that's a good thing for Le Mans.»

Nicolas Prost – Rebellion R-One Toyota #12 :
« I wouldn't have bet that we'd finish the race. Before the race we never could do very long stints but the car ran very well and that's a pretty good surprise. We don't really know the car and now we have some good test sessions to come and hopefully we can show a better form. »

Mathias Beche – Rebellion R-One Toyota #12 :
«First of all, I would like to thank all the mechanics of the team. They did an amazing job the last three weeks. I am really happy for the first race finish without big problem. The car shows a really good reliability and all the credit goes to the crew. It's a great reward for all of them. Today was really my first try with the car in the dry and I could learn about it. The performance is not really there yet. We will have to work hard in a short period. But this race weekend in a very positive first step.»

Andrea Belicchi – Rebellion R-One Toyota #13 :
« Globally, the race was profitable for the team. Our teammates in the sister car #12 finished the race trouble free and it's the main victory for the team. Unfortunately, we faced electronic problems with our #13 car. It's a pity but before the weekend, our car had less mileage than the #12 and we knew that we would perhaps have, at our turn, to face new car teething problems. We will solve the problems as the team did for the #12. I'm confident of that and I’m sure that we will have a perfect car for Le Mans»

Fabio Leimer – Rebellion R-One Toyota #13 :
« We had a lot of unexpected stops today and finally, we had to retire. I didn't drive a long time because my stint was an in and out session. So I haven't really experienced the R-One this weekend. I don't really know how it is. Whatever, I'll do my best to help the team to be ready for Le Mans.»

Dominik Kraihamer – Rebellion R-One Toyota #13 :
« I'm happy with my weekend. Today, I could drive the car for a longer stint and make some good lap times. I feel the potential of the car. But now, we'll have to find it and improve the car for the Le Mans 24. I'm impressed by the work of the mechanics. They worked hard to prepare the car and allow us to take the start and I thank them for that. Electrical issues broke our expectations to finish the race. But our determination is still here and we will continue our effort to be ready for Le Mans. »

Bart Hayden – REBELLION Racing Team Manager :« We went into the race without the highest of expectations because we are still new to the Rebellion R-One cars, so to have a trouble free run with the #12 car is actually a bit of a surprise, but a truly welcome one! The #13 car suffered from a lack of running, but the team will bounce back and will have more mileage in the car before the next race. To see our drivers on the podium collecting the trophy for the winning privateers on the debut of the R-One was a special moment, a nice little reward for the hard work of the past weeks. We still have much to do, but this weekend has given us motivation for the task ahead. »

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